Zhejiang Deron Energy Co., LTD.




Zhejiang Deron Energy Co., Ltd. is a restructured company transferring from the former Overseas Engineering Division of HolleyGroup, which was one of the core business departments of Holley Group, mainly engaged in general contracting and investment and financing business related engineering for overseas energy engineering project.

Brief Introduction of WTE Project

Deron Energy committed to build an

international investment and consulting

industry group in the field of WTE.

We focus on the market of “One Belt...

Power Plant Project

We have been focusing on electric

power plant project for many years and

participating in turnkey basis contract

of all types of electric power plant...


Energy Management

Contracting Project

Energymanagement contracting is a

new type of market-oriented energy

savingmechanism, which is to pay...


Power Transmission Line

and Substation Project

 As the EPC project general

contractor, Deron Energy integrated

various resources inside and outside...





Zhejiang Deron Energy Co., LTD.

Address:No.181 Wuchang Road Yuhang Hangzhou City, China

Tel :  +86-571-89301973    Fax:+86-571-89301033

Web: www.rhjzwl.tw  

Email Address: [email protected]

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